Potholing for Beginners

We offer a wide range of caves and grottos that are ideal for beginners of this sport.

Under the watchful guidance and supervision of our instructors you will be able to explore each nook and cranny of the galleries that we pass through. The expedition will give you the opportunity to discover spectacular rock formations, created over centuries due to erosion from water passing through and seismic activity.

Thanks to our professional team, you will be able to enjoy potholing in a safe environment, experiencing new sensations and enjoying every minute of it! When you then return to “normal” life, you will have lots of stories and adventures to talk about. 

Amateur Potholing

For those who already have some experience of this sport.


We offer excursions at various different caves and grottos in the area, all of which have a range of galleries and funnels for us to explore and crawl through.

These caves offer sections which may well seem impossible to conquer, for example the Paso de la Alcayata, where we will have to twist and turn in order to adapt and adjust our bodies in line with the wet rocks.

There will also be parts of the caves that are filled with water and therefore leave us no option but to get ourselves wet! At these points we will use ropes and security harnesses. With the help and advice of the guides and instructors, you will overcome the obstacles that face you. At times, you may feel overwhelmed by the small space and narrow areas that you find yourself in.




Peter Pan Aventuras will provide the following equipment for each of the potholing expeditions:

Rucksack to carry the equipment to the cave or grotto.

The rucksack will include:

Diving suit with reflectors.

Official standardised hard hat.

Boots with a firm grip.

Headlight and extra set of batteries.

Water bottle.

The guide will also carry with him: First Aid Kit, ropes and any other equipment that he sees fit in order to carry out the expedition safely.

Clients must bring themselves: Spare pair of dry socks, spare t-shirt, medium size towel, some food, a snack (preferably something sweet),gloves are optional.