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Cómpeta in the heart of the Costa del Sol


Our company is located in Cómpeta, one of the beautiful white villages that lies at the edge of Almijara mountain range in Málaga. At 630 m- above sea level, it is surrounded by valleys and cultivated countryside and enjoys spectacular panoramic views of both the coast and surrounding mountain ranges. Being this close to two such different parts of the landscape means that there are many things to do and even more places to explore.

Cómpeta has a privileged position of being on the border of three National Parks: the Parque Natural de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama, which in total cover an area of 40.662 hectares, with the highest point of them all, and indeed the whole of the province of Málaga, being the Tejeda mountain, with an altitude of 2070 m. above sea level.

Cómpeta is situated at the top of a triangular route and can be reached by a main road that departs from either Algarrobo (19 km. away) or Torrox (17 km. away). Both these roads offer breathtaking views as you travel up towards Cómpeta; the windiness of both these roads (with approximately 190 wide bends on the road up from the Algarrobo and 216 on the main road from Torrox) you will have time to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Cómpeta has Roman roots: its original name was Compita-Orum, meaning the crossing of paths, highlights the importance of the village in trading terms given that it was an ideal location for the buying and selling of goods in the area. It is said that the legionaries rested here after their long battles, enjoying thermal baths and buying products from the local merchants who sold their goods in the main street Compita Orus.


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